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Thanks for applying to volunteer at Wild Goose Festival!
If you haven't done so already, please review the Volunteer Handbook. The handbook contains project/team descriptions, general volunteer information, and the Volunteer Covenant Agreement which you must agree to before submitting this form.


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Team Leaders/Co-Leaders Only
Use "Select Your Favorite Project" below to indicate the team you're leading or co-leading.
Use the "Pick Three Projects" to name additional teams If you're leading more than one team. You don't have to select three. If you're leading only one team, you don't have to select any.

Pick Three Projects
You'll be assigned to a single project at the festival. Please select three choices below, then tell us your first choice.

Volunteer Project Options
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Please select three project choices.
Project Choices
AccessibilityAirportArt Pre-Festival ASLBeer VendingBookstore & Book SigningCheck-InElectricKids 0-17Festival SetupFestival StrikeFinanceFlex TeamGreen TeamHospitalityMediaMess HallOnsite AssistantParkingProduction Rangers RV SupportShuttleSilent DiscoSponsor SupportStageStudio (Art)Vendor SupportVenue HostWaterWings
Festival Setup requires you to be on site and ready to work no later than 8am on Wednesday - but we also need some volunteers on Monday and Tuesday.

This project requires physical strength and stamina, and involves a lot of walking and lifting. Please select a different project if you are physically unable to meet these requirements or cannot be on site by end of day Tuesday. 
Festival Teardown requires physical strength and stamina, and involves a lot of walking and lifting. Please select a different project if you are physically unable to meet these requirements.
Teardown begins Sunday at Noon and doesn't end until it's over - which may be some time on Monday.
Green Team requires physical strength and stamina, and involves a lot of walking and lifting. Please select a different project if you are physically unable to meet these requirements.

Select Your Favorite Project

Of the project options you selected above, please let us know your favorite. We'll make every effort to assign it to you.
Favorite Project *
Skills - RANGERS *
Please check all that apply to you.
CPRAED OperationFirst AidMedical/Wellness TrainingNone of the above
Skills-MEDIA *
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Audio Mixing for Live EventsAudio RecordingVideographyProfessional PhotograperNone of the above

Arrival Time
Please tell us the day and time of your arrival. If you're not sure, make your best estimate and return to this form later to revise it.

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We sometimes have needs for year-round volunteers. If you're interested, check "yes" and we'll get back to you if we need help.
Skill Sets *
Administrative/OrganizationalBank reconciliationBasic photo editing, cropping, digital processing, etc.CSS CodingData/CRM maintenance - data entry and editing, data cleanup and dupe checking, etcHTML CodingMotion graphicsPodcast productionPrint design and production (flyers, posters, etc.)Publishing & book salesSocial media graphics design and productionVideo post-production/editingWeb designWeb development/backend website workWebsite maintenance - page/post creation/design, editing, placement of images, etc.Writing - InterviewsWriting - Long form narrative (articles, essays)Writing - Promotional & fundraising appealsWriting - Short form social media etc.Zoom/Online meetings and events coordination and production
Software Familiarity
After EffectsXMLWordQuickBooksPremiere ProPhotoshopIllustratorHTMLGoogle SheetsExcelEventbriteCSSZoom


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By submitting this form, you attest that:

  • You have read and agree to the terms and conditions in the Volunteer Handbook, including the Volunteer Covenant Agreement
  • You meet the minimum requirements for your chosen project(s)
  • You agree to attend one onsite training session with your team leader.