Tickets 2024 -
15/Jul/2023 11:00
14/Jul/2024 09:00

July 11-14 | VanHoy Farms | Union Grove, NC

Tickets 2024

Please enter your details in the form and select your tickets.
You will be directed to a payment page to pay via Stripe and your e-ticket will be sent to the email address provided.
Your eTicket will have a unique barcode, which will be scanned on presentation at check-in.

IMPORTANT - TICKETS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE. If you will be applying as a co-creator or volunteer, you will have access to special prices, so do not buy a regular ticket at this time. More details are included in the volunteer and co-creator application forms.

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For information on discounted rates for groups, click here to contact Tim.

Scroll all the way down to see all ticket options including Deposit/Payment Plan tickets.

Weekend Tickets

All weekend tickets include camping
Discounts are available for groups. If you're interested,
please contact us.

Early Goose Special - $199 ends midnight (PST) Nov 17
Fall Special - $249 ends midnight Dec 20
Winter Special - $269 ends midnight March 18
Spring Special - $299 ends midnight June 19
Full Price - $349

Adult Weekend Ticket - Spring Special
Booking Fee: $6.00
Senior (65+) Weekend Ticket
Booking Fee: $4.00
Student Weekend Ticket
Booking Fee: $3.00
Youth (Age 12-17) Weekend Ticket
Booking Fee: $2.00
Child Weekend Ticket

FREE For Children under 12 at the time of the event

Thursday Half day

For entry beginning at 3pm Thursday (Programmed events begin at 5pm).

Not useable for Pre-Festival events which are ticketed separately. If you are attending a Pre-Festival Event, you do not need a Day Ticket for Thursday.
Booking Fee: $2.00
Friday Full Day Ticket
For entry on Friday beginning at 8am.
Booking Fee: $2.50
Saturday Full Day Ticket
For entry on Saturday beginning at 8am.
Booking Fee: $2.50
Sunday Half Day Ticket
For entry beginning at 7am. The festival ends at 1pm.
Booking Fee: $2.00

Deposit Tickets

Make a down payment/deposit now and pay the balance later. This will hold your ticket price. You'll be given a username and password to login and pay the remainder of the ticket cost anytime before the festival.
Please note, your deposit is non-refundable.

Adult Weekend Ticket - Spring Special [D]
$109.00 Deposit (Full price $299.00)
Booking Fee: $6.00
Senior (65+) Weekend Ticket [D]
$109.00 Deposit (Full price $199.00)
Booking Fee: $4.00

Pre-Festival Events
Pre-Festival events are full-day workshops running all day on Thursday, and require an additional ticket.
Tickets will become available as we create these events.

LeadNow! is a special Pre-Festival event for seminarians or first call ministers who are first-time attendees of Wild Goose Festival.
Admission is free but you must submit an application and be accepted before obtaining a ticket.
Apply Here if you're interested in attending this cohort.

The False White Gospel
Booking Fee: $1.50

The False White Gospel - Faith & Democracy Summer Town Meeting with Jim Wallis, Jacqui Lewis Obery Hendricks, Ruby Sales, and hosted by Sarah Heath

A Wild, New, Big and Broader Bible
Booking Fee: $1.50

Hal Taussig, Su Yon Pak, Chebon Kernell, with Victoria Luna Loorz and Valerie Luna Serrels of the Wild Church Network

Don't Skip Recess
Booking Fee: $1.50

A pre-festival camp for mental health practitioners and spiritual directors / Angela Spearman, Facilitator

Wisdom Camp
Booking Fee: $1.50
Sexuality - Embracing Our Wholeness / Mike Morrell, Aline DeFiglia

Worship Music Workshop
Booking Fee: $1.50
Creating congregational music for the Progressive Church / Bryan Sirchio, Brian McLaren, Bryan Johnson, Christopher Grundy, Andra Moran

Faith in Action
Booking Fee: $1.50
Faith in Action: Building Progressive Spiritual Communities with Jonah P. Overton


Car Parking Ticket
Parking Pass good for the weekend, including early arrivals and late departures.
Booking Fee: $0.60
Car Parking (Single Day) Ticket
Booking Fee: $0.30
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